Our History

Wood creations Kids Corner are from the discovery and observation of the talent of Filipino artisans for painting on wood.

We have combined this expertise to the imagination and creativity of young French designers.

This rich encounter cultural differences was born in this unique collection and each piece has its particularity while keeping an overall cohesion.

The collection timber is distinguished by its different room themes to original decorations and attractive objects.

There is also a unique expertise in mobile flying for which a simple traction drives a harmonious flight.

The wooden piggy banks, beyond their utility for saving young people are also original decorative objects.

The collection also extends to a set of small wooden products: jewelery, napkin rings and egg cups, toothbrush holder, tooth boxes and wooden alphabet.

We use plantation wood purchased locally and paintings for children standards for all products.

Decorative objects or toys, each item of this collection is made with the same attention and the desire to bring the dream into the eyes of children.

When it all began …

Kids Corner was founded in April 1994, designed by four friends who were inspired by their desire for independence and their passion, their desire to create unique objects on the toy market. The products were first sold in markets during the tourist season and the third year the first store had opened Kids Corner followed by 11 others under the “Au Coin du Bois” where you could find the French craftsmen other products along the Atlantic coast.

In parallel to this development Kids Corner began offering its creations to other seasonal retailers initially and then to independent shops downtown and later at chain stores (Bonhomme de Bois, Bébé 9 .. .)

Soon the success of the Kids Corner has spread throughout France and nearly 500 retailers are dealers of our brand. Major retailers (Aubert, Oxybul Awakening and Games, Ludendo, Nature and Discovery …) Also distribute our articles.
Many countries also appreciate the creations Kids Corner, shops, distributors ..
across Europe and into Russia.

The Mystery range was born in 2004 with the desire to create medieval costumes and wooden weapons then in 2008 it has expanded foam products that seduced many museums, amusement parks, historical sites and French international resellers .

The range Anima Scena started in 2006 with the distribution of high-quality puppets manufactured in Europe and quality theaters.